Avoiding Scams

One good way to avoid scams is to deal with a local person and face-to-face. This is how you avoid 99% of the scams.

How to Avoid Scams

  • Do not send a payment to anyone you did not previously meet in person! Don't wire funds, send money via Western Union, or PayPal. This is often a scam.
  • Avoid dealing with non-local people. Beware of impersonators who usually pretend to be agencies or working with bookings.
  • Beware of blackmailers, and limit the amount of personal information you share with anyone (eg. personal photos, work phone or email, personal or household phones). These persons usually use scare tactics to get you to comply with their requests (eg. sending them money). Limiting the information you share will help you protect yourself.
  • Never give out financial or personal information (eg. bank account, social security, paypal, etc). Do not share this even if the scammer pretends to want to send you money for any reason. Most legitimate ad posters don't require this information.
  • Do not send deposits! Yes, deposits make sense in some cases, but your chances of getting it back are virtually zero. So whatever you are told, do not send a deposit!
  • Don't fall for "too good to be true" type of deals. These are used to lure people in for some kind of deception (eg. phishing, or other types of scam). And please report them!

Recognizing Scams

Most scams involve one or few of the following:

  • Vague or unclear inquiries, poor grammar/spelling
  • Deposit or some money is being asked for upfront, and this is usually not cash that you deliver face-to-face.
  • Inability to meet face-to-face. This is an immediate red flag.
  • Urgency to comply with a request. Usually the scammer will try to pressure you into doing something (eg. make a payment)
  • Person sounds like they are not from your area. Nowadays it is possible to make phone numbers appear that they are local,but the call may be placed from a call centre somewhere.

After You've Spotted a Scammer

If you have realized that someone is trying to scam you please email info@t-escorts.com so that we can remove the ad as soon as possible. This is one way to help others avoid this experience.